Onesie Room

The Onesie room is a super fun place where our young toddlers can be themselves in an age-appropriate and stimulating learning environment.  Free exploration and active play is nurtured and a good portion of the day is centered around music and movement.  The teachers work hard to keep the environment fresh and exciting as they plan various sensory and hands-on activities each day.  We use a lot of positive reinforcement  with our little ones as we encourage communication and help them development social and emotional skills.  Young toddlers are busy little people and our caring teachers know how to engage them in a safe and loving environment.  Our Onesies even participate in the weekly Lil’ Sports program provided at TLC and enjoy music class with Miss Heather when she visits!

Our Onesie room is newly refinished (as are the rest of our classrooms)! It is a bright and cheery place to play and have fun!