Miss Cora – Education & Curriculum Specialist

Hello! Welcome to our TLC family!

I have been working at TLC Child Care Center since 2019. I have floated in all of the classrooms, helping out where needed and learning about all of the age groups. I have been a co-lead in Kindergarten and most recently, a lead teacher in Summer Camp and Pre-K.

I have just received my Associates Degree with the ability to teach Pre-K up to 4th Grade and I will be working on getting my Bachelor’s.

I have just recently been promoted to this job and am looking forward to working more closely with our awesome teachers in making our curriculum the best it can be! I love teaching and cannot wait to learn and grow with not only the children, but our teachers as well! We have an amazing team here at TLC!

When I’m not in the office, you’ll probably see me filling in in various classrooms. I still enjoy being with the children on a daily basis!