Our Waddler Room is very special. We get so excited to watch the kids crawl, cruise, waddle, toddle, and run in this new classroom! Children move up to this room from the Infant room when they begin to show signs that they are ready to crawl and/or walk. We have lots of space for our young walkers to try out their new skills, as well as a great deal of gross motor toys to help develop those muscles. We know that walking, like many other skills in early childhood, happens at different times for different children. That’s why it is so important that we have designed space for our Waddlers to stretch their wings as they transition from crawling to walking. The children in this room go through a lot of changes. They enter the Waddler room drinking bottles and perhaps taking two naps a day. By the time they leave this classroom, they’ll be fully drinking from sippy cups and down to one nap a day! Welcome to the Waddler room! We hope you love it here!

Our nap area
Eating/diaper area
Play area!