“Onesies” Teachers

Miss Yelena Mosher

Hello, my name is Yelena Mosher. I was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine and came to American in 1992. I have always loved taking care of young children. I have worked in the child care field since 1986. I went to college in Kiev and graduated with an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education. I also attended college in Brooklyn, New York and received another Associate’s degree in education. Teaching young child has been my passion for 33 years! I chose to be a teacher because it is such a rewarding career. It makes me feel so special, knowing that children in my care learn a lot of new things every day, that I have taught them. It is also amazing how much I learn from them! I currently work in the infant and onesie classrooms at TLC and feel blessed to be doing what I love.

Miss Kristin