Waddler Teachers

Miss Camryn

My name is Camryn and I am the lead teacher in the Waddler Room at TLC. Growing up, my grandmother ran a daycare that I attended since I was three months old. As a young child, I was fascinated with the babies in her care and would always try to help in any way I could. Once I started kindergarten, I began running my own pretend school in her daycare with my little, sparkly pink clipboard and pretend lessons. I even begged my mom for a “teacher outfit” so I could be more like my teachers (yes, they make pantsuits for kids!!). Ever since then, I knew it was my dream to work in the childcare industry. I’ve been babysitting since I was twelve for family friends, and families in various neighborhoods in my area. I began working in a professional setting back in 2020 at Churchville preschool as an assistant filling out the remainder of the year for an employee out due to the Covid Pandemic. I worked with children between three and four years old and loved hearing their thoughts and watching them learn and grow. I’ve never had a job that I was so excited to get out bed in the morning for, let alone a job I could pour my heart and soul into. I felt so at home in the classroom, and I knew deep down this was something I needed to keep pursuing. I am so excited to continue my journey here at TLC and look forward to getting to know you and your kiddos this year!

Miss Skylar

Hi! My name is Skylar and I am very excited to be a part of the TLC team. I am a recent high school graduate, but I have been an unofficial part of TLC for a long time. My mom, Ms. Beth, is the lead teacher in the Preschool room and I have been coming to visit and help here for a long time! I love children and am very excited to be an official staff member here at the school. I look forward to learning and growing with you and your child this school year!