Preschool Teachers

Miss Brenda  

My name is Brenda Bates and I have been with TLC since 1991. I spent 13 years teaching in the Toddler classroom and now teach in the Preschool classroom. I earned my CDA from Manor College in 2010.

I believe that children learn best through play. I try to guide them through their play and add as many learning opportunities that I possibly can into each activity. I enjoy enriching their learning experiences by adding new ideas and materials and asking questions as they play.

I also believe that children need lots of fresh air and sunshine so I take the children outside as much as possible to explore the world around us. Something as simple as throwing rocks in the water can be a great learning experience. I try to make each day as fun as I can and allow the children to choose what they would like to do, that way they will actively participate in the activities.

I enjoy coming to work every day and spending time with the children watching them grow and learn.  In my spare time I do a lot of camping, hiking and walking with my Husband (Tim), Son (Alex) and our Boxer (Teddy). And I read A LOT!

Miss Tyleyia  

My name is Tyleyia Cassel and I teach in the Preschool room. I graduated from Pennridge High School in 2013 and started working at TLC as a volunteer. I got my Preschool CDA Credential in 2018. I really enjoy teaching the kids some dance moves like line dancing, Zumba, and even choreograph my own dance routines to engage the children with music and movement! I also enjoy reading books to the kids and love to teach the kids how to play new board and card games. We have a good time playing relay races together as well!

I want each child to feel encouraged to join any of the activities and engage with one another as well as have a little bit of fun while learning. I look forward to working with your young learner this year!

Miss Bre

Miss Bre has been with us since June of 2022. She began by being a “floater” in all classrooms but found a home in Preschool. She enjoys playing and doing fun projects with the kids. She is soft-spoken but has a natural gift when it comes to working with preschoolers.