Preschool Teachers

Brenda Bates

My name is Brenda Bates and I have been with TLC since 1991. I taught in the toddler classroom for 13 years before moving up to Preschool. I earned my CDA from Manor College in 2010. I believe that children learn best through play. I try to guide their play by adding learning opportunities as much as possible. I also feel children need lots of fresh air and sunshine and learn through exploring the world around them hands on.

Miss Tyleyia

My name  is Tyleyia. After graduation high school, I started working at TLC. Since starting at TLC I have completed my Child Development Associates.

I enjoy playing with each child. A few things I really like to do with the kids are Zumba and party line dances! Party line dances are “The Nae Nae”, “Crank that” by Soulja Boy and “The Hokey Pokey” to name a few! I want to see the children engage and encourage each other to participate in the dances. I want to inspire them by having the children dance freely, have fun, and come out of their shell and not worry about how they are dancing!

I bring board and card games for the kids from my home. I teach the children how to follow the directions and learn how to cooperate with each other. I love to see the kids interact with the game and with each other!